Theme's Elements

Corporate Restructuring


Our projected role as a liquidator

  • Drafting the Board Resolution
  • Publishing Advertisement in English and Arabic News Paper
  • Settling with Employees
  • Settling with the Debtors/suppliers
  • Visa Cancellation
  • Bank Account Closing
  • Obtaining NOC form Dewa, NOC from Local telecom Company
  • Registered Tenancy Agreement Cancellation
  • De-Register with FTA
  • Preparation of the Liquidator’s Report
  • Submission of the final Report to the Authority to get the De-Registration Certificate
  • Motives behind corporate restructuring matters in which the firm has been involved recently are:

    Reduce operating cost by downsizing corporate group, but add activities on licenses of the reduced group entities to conduct business unaffected

    Reorganize group entities in the region to fall under subsidiary in UAE to avail tax free status and benefit on repatriation of dividends to foreign parent company under avoidance of double taxation treaty between UAE and the country where the foreign parent company is domiciled

    Consolidate group companies set up in the region under holding structure set up in an off shore jurisdiction to achieve uniformity in corporate policy, better administration and manage exit strategy.

    Reduce intermediary costs by incorporating entities or adding relevant activities to existing corporate licenses to conduct distribution through self-owned retail outlets or subsidiaries

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