Find Employees in Dubai – A How-to Guide | Hiring Employees in the United Arab Emirates as an Employer in 2024

The journey to hire the right employees in Dubai is an elaborate journey which takes you through the Venice of the Gulf’s dynamic and highly competitive landscape. Thanks to its tax-free policies, the city attracts a cosmopolitan workforce who have the capability to aid in business expansion. 

Employers in the sought-after metropolis face the unique obstacle of sourcing and hiring talented individuals who can thrive with finesse in a place which is known for its larger-than-life and ambitious infrastructure and highly advanced industries.  

Right from using top-notch online job portals and platforms to attending local gatherings and networking events, business in the UAE must steer through the diverse market of jobs as well as legal complexion to hire the right people for the required designations. 

With our comprehensive guide on how to find employees in Dubai, we are here to aid employers find the right employees by highlighting the correct strategies, resources, and considerations for finding the perfect employees. Let us get started:

Find Employees in Dubai: The Job Market of Dubai, UAE

Thriving Economic Sectors

The job market of Dubai is a very vibrant landscape. It is filled with numerous opportunities for skilled individuals across a wide range of industries and business sectors. The Venice of the Gulf’s corporate tax free income, highly competitive compensation, and futuristic infrastructure make the place a popular destination for professionals from different walks of life globally. 

Talking about popular business markets in Dubai, the tech-based sector has witnessed a massive surge in job listings & vacancies. There has been at least a 20% growth, which clearly reflects Dubai’s growing requirements for digital expertise. Besides tech, the banking as well as the financial services sector are two other areas which have experienced a notable soar in job openings. The Human Resources sector’s requirements are also increasing with time. 

All of the aforementioned sectors indicate that Dubai’s booming economy is in need of a skilled and proficient workforce which possess problem-solving skills and are readily adaptable. 

The Effect of Expatriate Employees

The city’s global job market is very heavily regulated by its expatriate or non-native workforce. It is important to note that the expat workforce is one of the biggest contributing factors behind Dubai’s rapid development. The population of the place has exponentially grown, with a noteworthy increase after the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby underscoring its status as a powerful magnet for talent from all around the globe. 

Expat employees hold significance in numerous sectors, right from the highly popular tourism industry, which for the record is a major GDP and employment contributor, to the IT, automobile, as well as the healthcare industries. 

Dubai’s larger-than-life infrastructure projects, such as the Dubai Marina and the Palm Islands, are solid testaments to the expatriate-driven boom in real estate. Hence, it would be safe to say that the key component of the United Arab Emirates’ strategy for sustaining foreign investments from non-natives and maintaining its reputation as a global financial hub is the uninhibited flux of professionals from different nations across the globe.  

Employers’ Legal Obligations

Every employer in Dubai must be well-versed in the official legal framework when recruiting individuals. The  employment contracts must be offered after being formalized on an official piece of paper. Besides this, an official contract of labor which consists of details such as the salary (monthly or annually), employee benefits, hours of working, and most importantly, the duration of employment, must be provided by the recruiting firm. 

Besides this, employers in Dubai are also in charge of getting the necessary permits and documents for expat workers. They easily get the job done when it comes obtaining a work permit and a residence permit. This adds to the convenience of workers, since acquiring residence visas and work permits is a lengthy and time-consuming task. The UAE’s government has made obtaining health insurance mandatory. Moreover, there are multiple policies which promote the recruitment of hiring UAE citizens belonging to different emiratis. This is known as Emiratisation. 

Besides this, all employers must also ensure that laws set by authorative local entities are being followed. Moreover, they should also make sure that all non-native labor laws and regulations are being complied with when creating UAE labor contracts. Moreover, it is also mandatory for employers to provide training on health and safety regulations. The employees must also be given the end-of-service gratuity as part of the severance payroll. 

Gaps in Employment & Market Trends

Two of the main features of the job market in Dubai is its competitiveness and the requirement for tactical hiring approaches. The majority of employers highly value local availability, i.e., they prefer hiring UAE nationals, primarily because it indicates commitment and aids in networking & cultural integration. Dubai’s work or company culture is a mix of traditional Arabian values and modern-day business practices. The work week in the city starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. The sunday to thursday work week, despite being different from the rest of the world’s schedule, sits well with the employees in UAE. 

The majority of employers offer an advantage to individuals residing in the city. They prefer interviewing as well as hiring candidates in Dubai who are already present in the city. This is because it facilitates immediate joining and minimizes the risk of experiencing cultural shock. Online job websites, social media platforms, and networking within local gatherings are foolproof channels using which employers can find suitable candidates and potential employees. 

Besides these, collaborating with an EOR (Employer of Record) can facilitate streamlining the complex process of recruitment. As the dynamic job market of Dubai continues evolving, employers are advised to remain well-informed about the latest trends and gaps in employment to ensure attracting and hiring the top-notch talent. 

Building Your Brand as an Employer

Having a stellar employer brand in Dubai is vital for attracting the right talent and hiring employees in the UAE, specifically Dubai. The three main factors central to the perception of companies amongst job seekers includes its reputation, good propositions, and lastly, the experience it offers. 

Advantages of Having a Strong Brand

Having a top-notch employer brand can majorly influence a professional individual’s choice when they are on the lookout for a job. In a time where the competition for well-qualified individuals is at an all-time high, having a solid employer brand can act as a significant deciding factor. It is advantageous not only for recruiting professionals but also for fostering a highly-committed workforce. 

Tactics to Strengthen Company Image

To enhance and strengthen your recruitment company’s image and reputation, genuinely exhibiting your company’s values is very important. Taking part in community projects and  contributing to charity-related causes can exemplify your dedication and commitment towards corporate social responsibility. To foster trust and build reliability, a top-tier contingency plan works wonders. 

Spreading Brand Awareness Using Social Media 

A smart and effective social media tactic can seriously provide a boost to your employer’s brand. Making thought-provoking and engaging content pieces, and partnering with smart thought leaders or popular influencers can enhance your online reputation. This proactive take on different social platforms makes prospective individuals witness your company in a favorable light. 

Organizational Culture & Workplace Ambiance

Any company’s organizational or work culture is vital to its overall appeal to potential candidates. A support and helpful work environment adds to the success of the business by captivating the right talent. Moreover, it also promotes employee dedication. 

To create and foster a healthy work environment, crafting a workplace which offers a sense of aim or purpose is vital. Promoting positive interactions amongst employees in the workplace, creating strong social connections, and indulging in the practice of having transparent communications are very important. 

Utilizing Online Job Platforms

Online job platforms and portals are crucial resources for Dubai’s employers since they offer access to a major candidate pool and streamline the process or recruitment.

Dubai’s Best Job Portals

One of the biggest job portals in Dubai is Bayt. The prominent job site has a massive user base of approximately 40 million professionals from different fields. Besides Bayt, another popular job site is Naukrigulf, which features thousands of new job postings as well as resumes every single day. 

Dubizzle is a unique job site which features the combination of job boards with classified advertisements. This uniqueness draws more than 5 millions per month. Similarly, GulfTalent is an online job portal which is popular amongst the professionals for featuring valuable research and helpful insights.

When talking about popular job sites, it is impossible not to mention the name of LinkedIn, the globally-renowned professional network which is exceptionally effective for the purpose of hiring high-caliber talent. Other popular job platforms include Laimoon, Gulf News Jobs, AngelList, and Caterer Global. 

Crafting Impactful Job Postings

Creating an attractive and effective job posting is very important to captivate the attention of suitable candidates. It should start off with a crystal clear overview of the role and have the key responsibilities listed properly. You are advised to make the job posting as well as the description thorough yet concise. Moreover, it should focus on the essential functions of the designation. It is also smart to highlight the required skills and qualifications. 

Handling Candidate Responses

Smartly managing the response from applicants is highly important after the postings are live. An Applicant Tracking System or ATS can significantly help in the process of sorting and filtering resumes, and tracking potential candidates throughout the elaborate process of requirement. It aids in saving crucial time and ensures that all worthy candidates are taken notice of.   

Most Effective Tips for Recruiting Candidates Virtually

In today’s digitally-driven world, the virtual recruitment process has gained immense prominence, thanks to virtual events like open houses, job fairs, etc. Early telephonic interviews are very useful for the screening of candidates, whereas the video interviews facilitate a better and more comprehensive review of candidates. 

Preparation of remotely onboarding employees is another vital step in the process of virtual recruitment. It has become essential to equip new employees with all the right tools required for the job. 

Managing the recruitment procedure’s integrity in a virtual environment is very vital. This can be done by abiding by anti-discrimination regulations along with putting in efforts to guarantee workforce diversity. 

It is important for the virtual setting to mirror the orthodox or traditional interview procedure. Moreover, the setting should also feature consistent and seamless communication to minimize ambiguity. The virtual recruitment practice makes the process of hiring new employees very convenient.

Utilizing Local Resources & Networking

Business Networks & Gathering Events

A wide variety of networking events as well as business-based gatherings are held in the city, which collectively enrich the business environment, thereby offering employers immensely fertile grounds to connect with potential hires. 

Coming to the examples of such events, there are many popular names. For starters, the “Dubai’s Big Business, Tech, & Entrepreneur Professional Networking Soiree” is a prime example of an event which is known for making professional connections. Besides these, popular meetings such as the “Business 100 People Community Monthly Meetup,” as well as the “Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEO and Investors Networking” are renowned as the meeting place of like-minded professionals. 

Partnering with Recruitment Firms 

Connecting with recruitment firms and agencies can truly streamline the ongoing search for qualified new employees and ensure compliance with the established laws. Such agencies have ample knowledge about indiviudals who are actively job searching, along with a well-established network to get the job of hiring in Dubai done with ease and finesse. Specializing in numerous sectors, recruitment firms can function as an extended version of the employer’s team of recruiters. 

The professionals working at recruitment agencies are skilled at the task of matching companies with the right set of candidates. Working together with well-reputed agencies is very important, which the company hiring candidates, in most cases, compensates for. Effectively engaging with such firms often includes communicating directly, thereby leveraging their expertise in the field to easily overcome the challenges of the job market. 

Using the Free Zones of Dubai

Dubai’s free zones are beneficial for businesses and companies in their efforts of recruiting the right candidates. They offer exceptionally streamlined processes of labor recruitment and permit international workers’ employment. These zones offer appealing incentives such as complete ownership for foreign nationals, complete exemption from custom duties, and many similar ones. Due to the mentioned benefits, prominent areas like JAFZA are exceptionally popular amongst global enterprises. 

Free zones, since they operate under quite unique laws, provide an extensive range of business-related activities and offer extensive amenities and facilities. Getting a business license in said regions is very simple as well. Moreover, business entities benefit a lot from the rule of paying zero tax on their profits. To conclude, with over 45 free zones to choose from in Dubai, the options to explore in the treasure trove are in abundance. 

Utilizing UAE Government & Chamber of Commerce’s Resources

Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce is a prominent pillar of support for businesses and firms, offering services which truly contribute to the recruitment process. Its career portal functions as the perfect junction for both employers as well as job seekers. 

Such resources are very vital in the process of connecting a highly-capable workforce with proper employers and businesses looking to hire employees in Dubai for various designations. By using such potential tools, employers can conveniently access a wide range of useful services, each of which facilitate recruiting in the rapidly-expanding city. 

Interviewing & Assessing Potential Employees

Crafting & Refining the Interview Process

Getting in contact initially is, in most instances, a very short conversation on the telephone. This is usually done to verify the candidate’s details which they have listed in their resume as well as to evaluate their enthusiasm for the job listing. Achieving success in the initial round paves the way for an in-person meeting wherein the candidate is evaluated more thoroughly. The basis of evaluation varies depending on the industry and job profile.  

In the meeting, the candidate’s communication skills and general conduct is often evaluated by a panel of interviewers. Subsequent rounds of interviews may involve different types of discussions with senior members or potential colleagues. This is done in order to assess whether the candidate is perfectly compatible for the role as well as the company. 

Culture-Related Considerations

Presentation is a major part of the interview process, with the expectations for the dress or attire ranging from complete formal business apparel to casual. The dress code is often dependent on the business sector in question and thus, it varies. Care and attention towards personal hygiene is highly expected, with a strong preference for subtle yet appealing fragrances.

Professionalism in all aspects is vital along with a requirement to equalize assertiveness or firmness with humility. Being familiar with the hiring company and its offerings paired with insightful questions can bolster the candidate’s initiative and engagement.   

Prioritizing Key Skills & Qualifications

All candidates must articulate each of their competent features along with challenges faced in past employment smartly. There are some designations which may require the candidate to take part in skill-based assessments as well as practical tasks. The Education Ministry, for the eligibility for work visa, must provide authentication to the qualifications of foreign employees. 

Providing Competitive Compensation Packages

Discussions for the remuneration or salary occurs, in most cases, in the last stages of the interview procedure. It is advised to go through the minimum wage as well as industry-standard salary packages and be ready to negotiate if required. Considering the complete package of remuneration is very important. 

The timeline of hiring can go up to 30 to 35 days. New hires often go through a probation period which lasts for six months which comes with flexible terms for termination. Getting started with a new position mandates numerous documents, such as the Work Visa, Passport, Emirates ID, Medical Clearance and other relevant certifications related to the profession. 

Hiring the Right People

The job market of the attractive destination of Dubai is filled with ample opportunity, reflecting the city’s innovative approach towards business and commerce. As the Venice of the Gulf continues sifting and shaping the landscape of work, it becomes very important for employers in the region to hone their tactics to captivate and lock in the best-possible candidates. 

Whether leveraging online job portals, making useful professional connections at crowded events, or collaborating with renowned recruitment agencies or firms, the pathway leading towards creating a solid team of top-tier individuals is filled with ample resources. Embrace the innovative culture of what UAE offers, especially Dubai and you are assured of finding the perfect pool of potential candidates, each of whom are eagerly waiting to add to their new company’s success story. With the help of our comprehensive guide, hiring employees in UAE (Dubai) will be a complications-free task for you!

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