How to Obtain a Real Estate License in Dubai, UAE

Breaking into Dubai’s booming real estate market starts with getting licensed. In the first half of 2022 alone, the market saw transactions soar to AED 115 billion*. This article is your step-by-step guide to navigate through the licensing process smoothly and efficiently. Find all the answers to the question of how to obtain a real estate license in Dubai here. 

Discover the path to success in Dubai’s lucrative real estate scene!

Understanding RERA in Dubai

RERA, short for Real Estate Regulatory Agency, is the authoritative body that oversees all real estate activities in Dubai. It ensures transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct within the industry.

Real estate agents in Dubai must work closely with RERA to legally operate in Dubai. This involves getting a license tied to professional standards set by the agency. RERA’s oversight extends to everyone involved in real estate – from real estate firms in Dubai to brokers to developers and investors.

For agents looking to navigate through the regulatory landscape of Dubai’s real estate market, understanding RERA guidelines is crucial. They are responsible for setting up all educational requirements for licensing and enforcing legal compliance across the real estate industry.

Real estate agents in Dubai must pass exams to have complete knowledge of Dubai’s real estate sector and complete certified training provided by organizations like DREI (Dubai Real Estate Institute) before applying for their licenses through RERA’s Trakheesi system.

This system streamlines agent registrations and helps maintain high industry standards.

Importance of Real Estate License or RERA License in Dubai

Possessing a real estate RERA license in Dubai is not merely a regulatory formality; it’s a gateway to a flourishing career landscape brimming with lucrative financial opportunities and the chance to engage with an eclectic mix of clients from around the globe.

It equips professionals with the credibility and expertise required to thrive in one of the world’s most dynamic property markets.

Career Prospects

Career opportunities of the real estate market in Dubai are booming for licensed agents. With a certification from RERA, individuals can pursue various roles like property management, real estate valuation, and leasing consultant among others.

The real estate industry brokers benefit not just from regular incomes but also commissions that significantly increase their earning potential.

In this vibrant industry, professionals enjoy the thrill of closing deals on high-profile properties and have chances to network with an international clientele. After securing your license, exciting prospects await in areas such as sales negotiation and developing client portfolios that can set you up for a successful career in one of the world’s most dynamic property markets.

As financial rewards beckon those who excel at their craft, next let’s explore how these attractive financial profits come into play for Dubai’s realtors.

Attractive Financial Profits

Real estate agents in Dubai tap into a lucrative market, with the first half of 2022 alone recording transactions worth AED 115 billion*. These numbers reflect the immense potential for earning high commissions and experiencing significant financial growth within the industry.

Agents benefit directly from each successful deal they facilitate, linking their efforts to substantial monetary rewards. The average salary for a real estate agent is also very good.

Profits are not just figures on paper; they translate to tangible benefits like better lifestyle options, financial security, and investment opportunities. In this fast-paced real estate sphere, skilled brokers can leverage Dubai’s dynamic property landscape to build wealth and forge a prosperous career.

Successful agents often enjoy premium earnings by catering to client needs in diverse sectors, including residential sales, commercial deals, luxury properties, and international investments.

Meeting Diverse & Multicultural Clients

Dubai’s brokerage landscape teems with a vibrant mix of cultures and nationalities, making the ability to navigate this diversity a must-have skill for agents. By applying for a RERA license and obtaining it, you arm yourself with knowledge about various cultural backgrounds and preferences that are integral to providing top-notch service to every client.

This understanding not only fosters trust but also opens doors to more meaningful interactions with clients from around the globe.

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in dealing with multicultural clients in Dubai. A RERA-certified agent is well-equipped to handle these varied interactions confidently and successfully.

With certified training covering topics such as estate law and market practices, agents can adapt their approach to suit each unique client, ensuring personalized experiences that resonate across different cultures within the UAE’s dynamic property market.

How to Obtain a Real Estate License in Dubai: Steps to Obtain a Real Estate License in Dubai, UAE

Navigating the path to becoming a successful real estate agent in this city involves several strategic steps, from visa acquisition to qualifying through crucial industry examinations such as passing the RERA test; keep reading to uncover how you can launch your realty career in this dynamic market.

Obtaining a Residency Visa

To kick off your journey and live and work in Dubai as a real estate broker, you’ll need to secure a residency visa. This visa is essential for applying for the RERA license.

  • Check eligibility: Make sure you meet the requirements for obtaining a residency visa. Typically, this involves having a job offer or being sponsored by a family member in Dubai.
  • Gather documents: Collect all necessary paperwork, such as your passport and any relevant educational or professional certificates, to prove your qualifications.
  • Choose the right visa: Decide whether you need an employment visa, which is linked to having a job in Dubai, or if another type of residency visa suits your situation better.
  • Find a sponsor: Locate an employer or a family member who’s willing and eligible to sponsor your stay in Dubai. Employers often handle much of the visa process for their workers.
  • Submit application: Fill out the residency visa application form accurately. Attach all required documents including your passport copy and any certifications that support your application.
  • Undergo medical tests: Attend medical examinations that are mandatory for all expatriates looking to reside in the UAE. Tests usually include blood work and chest X-rays.
  • Apply for Emirates ID: Register for an Emirates ID card by providing biometric data like fingerprints and photographs at an authorized typing center or online through official platforms.
  • Wait for approval: Allow time for government authorities to review and approve your application. During this period, avoid leaving the country unless it’s necessary.
  • Collect visa & Emirates ID: Once approved, collect your residency visa stamped on your passport and pick up your Emirates ID card from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Completing Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers

Before you can become a licensed real estate agent in Dubai, it’s essential to complete certified training. This training equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the dynamic property market.

  • Research training providers: Look for reputable institutions like the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), which offer the mandatory Real Estate Brokerage Training Certificate.
  • Enroll in the course: Sign up for the 20-hour program, which will cost around AED 3,000*. You can choose between online or offline classes depending on your preference.
  • Study nine modules: The curriculum includes a variety of topics such as the development of real estate in Dubai, setting up an agency, and managing sales and leases.
  • Learn about legalities: Gain understanding of legal aspects like ownership laws, property rights, and ethical standards for professionals.
  • Develop skills: Improve both soft skills like communication and negotiation, and technical ones that help you navigate real estate management software.
  • Earn your certificate: After completing the coursework successfully, receive your RERA license certification. This document proves you’ve met educational requirements set by RERA.
  • Prepare for exams: Use your new knowledge to get ready to sit for the RERA exam, which is necessary for obtaining your real estate license.

Passing the RERA Exam

To become a licensed real estate broker in Dubai and the UAE and get a RERA license, taking the RERA exam and passing it is essential. This challenging test requires a deep understanding of the local real estate market and regulations.

  • Prepare diligently for the certification exam approved by the real estate body by studying materials provided by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).
  • Ensure you complete the mandatory Real Estate Brokerage Training Certificate to qualify for the RERA examination.
  • Register for the RERA exam online through Dubai Land Department’s portal; keep your credit card ready as it costs AED 700*.
  • Aim to score at least 85% on the examination; this high mark reflects your comprehensive knowledge of property laws and practices within Dubai, i.e., how much you know about the real estate laws and processes.
  • Schedule your exam date after securing all necessary preparations, and make sure to bring valid identification documents on test day.
  • Stay calm during the test, manage your time efficiently, and carefully read each question before answering.

Once you are successful in obtaining a RERA license, move onto the next part. 

Obtaining the Agent’s License

Obtaining an agent’s license in Dubai is a critical step toward a successful career in real estate. After completing your training and passing the RERA exam, you must follow these steps to secure your official credentials.

  • Apply for a real estate agent license through the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Ensure you have all your documents ready, including proof of training and exam completion.
  • Submit a copy of your residency visa and Emirates ID card. These documents prove that you have the legal right to work in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Provide passport size photographs along with a copy of your passport. These are required for identification purposes throughout the licensing process.
  • Add the certificate of good conduct issued by Dubai Police. It demonstrates that you have no legal impediments to working as a real estate agent.
  • Pay the fee corresponding to your last educational degree certificate. This varies based on academic qualifications but is essential for finalizing your license application.
  • Await approval from DLD, which will issue your real estate broker license upon successful review of all submitted information and documents.

Required Documents for RERA License

Gathering the right documents is a crucial step in applying for your RERA license and securing it to become a real estate agent. This list details what you need to submit to the Dubai Land Department to qualify and become real estate agent officially:

  • A valid residency visa proves you can legally reside and work in Dubai, which is a necessity for engaging in real estate activities.
  • Your Emirates ID card or a copy of your passport identifies you as the person applying for the license.
  • Passport size photographs are necessary, typically four recent color photos, to attach to various applications and forms.
  • Proof of completing RERA certified training shows that you have met the educational requirements mandated by the real estate regulatory authority.
  • A passing score on the RERA exam demonstrates your understanding of real estate laws and practices within Dubai.
  • A copy of an existing realtor license, if applicable, from any other region or country where you’ve practiced before.
  • The Dubai police issue a good conduct certificate confirming that you have no legal impediments to working in real estate.

Cost of a RERA Certificate in Dubai

Getting a RERA certificate isn’t just about passing the exam; it comes with its own set of costs. Before needing to take the RERA test, you need to budget for the certification test, which has a registration fee of AED 700*. Paying the RERA registration fee is a crucial step, mainly because you cannot proceed without it.

Additionally, there’s a training program that every aspiring real estate broker must complete before sitting for the exam. This training is crucial and will cost around AED 3,000*.

After successfully completing your training and passing the exam, getting your RERA license or certificate requires paying fees specific to your chosen real estate activities—with most activities demanding an AED 5,000* charge per activity.

Don’t forget that initial administrative steps like trade name registration and trade license application add more to your expenses—AED 120* and AED 600* respectively. If you’re considering setting up shop in one of Dubai’s free zones, prepare for office setup costs starting from roughly AED 12,000* onwards.

With these investments in mind, move on to planning how you will establish yourself in Dubai’s booming real estate sector as a RERA agent.

Establishing Your Real Estate Business in Dubai

Setting up a thriving real estate brokerage business in Dubai requires strategic planning and regulatory compliance to ensure you can leverage the lucrative property market. Begin this exciting entrepreneurial journey by navigating through approvals, office locations, and securing the necessary commercial licenses to operate legally and successfully within the city’s dynamic real estate sector.

Obtaining Initial Approval

Launching your real estate business in Dubai begins with securing initial approval. Getting your real estate license sanctions your proposed activity and trade name by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

  • Select a unique trade name for your real estate agency and submit it to the DED for reservation. Make sure it adheres to the UAE naming conventions.
  • Prepare a detailed business plan outlining your real estate operations, including services like property management or sales.
  • Partner with a UAE national or establish a company where you own 100% of the business, depending on your agency’s structure.
  • Submit an application for initial approval through DED’s online portal or at one of their service centers.
  • Provide copies of all partners’ passports along with their residency visas if they are non – nationals.
  • Include the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from current employers if any of the partners are employed elsewhere in the UAE.
  • Present proof of trade name reservation from the DED. This confirms your chosen name is registered and protected.
  • Pay the required fee to process your initial approval application; fees vary based on business activity and other factors.

Setting up an Office Address

Establishing a legitimate business presence in Dubai requires having an official office address. This step is crucial for gaining credibility and fulfilling the legal requirements for your real estate company in Dubai.

  • Select a strategic location that aligns with your business goals and clientele. Whether it’s a bustling commercial hub or close to new real estate developments, make sure it’s accessible.
  • Decide between renting a physical office space or opting for a virtual office setup. A physical space can accommodate employees and on-site client meetings, while a virtual office provides flexibility and cost savings.
  • Consider the amenities and services necessary for efficient operations. These may include high – speed internet, meeting rooms, receptionist services, and advanced technical support.
  • Check zoning regulations specific to the area where you want to operate. Ensure that commercial activities related to real estate are permitted there.
  • Negotiate lease terms carefully with landlords or property managers. Aim for favorable conditions that support your business growth without overburdening finances.
  • Register your office address with the necessary authorities including the Dubai Land Department and obtain Ejari registration for legal tenancy contracts.
  • Customize your workspace to reflect your brand identity. Create an environment that is inviting to both employees and clients while showcasing professionalism.
  • Plan for future scalability of the space in case you need to hire more consultants, accountants, lawyers, or additional salespeople as your agency grows.
  • Acquire all essential office equipment such as furniture, computers, and phones before commencing operations.
  • Advertise your new location across platforms like Google Play Store and other digital marketplaces relevant to UAE company formation and real estate brokerages in Dubai.

Obtaining a Commercial License

Securing a commercial license is essential for launching your real estate business in Dubai. This license allows you to legally engage in buying and selling properties.

  • If you want to be a real estate business owner, first choose the specific real estate activity you want to license, such as sales or consulting. Each activity will have its unique code; for example, code 6810001 applies to professionals involved in buying and selling properties.
  • Next, submit an application for initial approval to the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai. This step confirms that your business name and activity are acceptable.
  • Prepare the necessary documents, including copies of passport and residency visa for non – nationals, and gather any additional paperwork required by local authorities.
  • Pay a visit to a registered typing center where they will help complete the application forms required for the commercial license.
  • Once forms are filled out, submit them along with the required documents to the Department of Economy and Tourism.
  • Follow this by selecting a legal form for your business, such as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company (LLC).
  • After submitting all paperwork, pay the prescribed fee for your commercial license application. Fees can vary depending on your chosen real estate activities.
  • Wait for approval from the Department of Economy and Tourism; this can take some time as they review your application thoroughly.
  • As soon as you receive approval, collect your commercial license from the relevant department. You’re now ready to operate as a licensed real estate professional in Dubai!

Renewal Process for Real Estate License in Dubai

Keeping your real estate license current in Dubai is a critical step to continue operating legally as a salesperson or broker. Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) mandates all real estate professionals to renew their licenses annually. Renewing your real estate license is an absolute necessity, and hence, it should not be delayed or ignored. Here’s a detailed list of the renewal steps:

  1. Check the expiration date on your current real estate license to determine when you need to start the renewal process.
  2. Schedule and pass the mandatory RERA test with at least an 85% score to qualify for license renewal.
  3. Gather all necessary documents, including your passport copy, residency visa, and the original title deed if you’re renewing for an agency.
  4. Log onto the official RERA website to access the online renewal platform.
  5. Upload the required documents and fill out any information requested by the online system accurately.
  6. Pay the renewal fee, which totals 510 AED*, using a valid bank card or through other approved payment methods.
  7. Confirm that all submitted information is accurate before finalizing your application to avoid any delays or rejections.
  8. Get a RERA approval for your real estate license; once RERA grant you a broker’s license, print out your updated real estate license.

Minimum age for getting a real estate broker’s license

To begin your journey as a real estate broker in Dubai, age is a key factor. Young adults ready to embark on this career path should note that specific age requirements are set by regulatory bodies.

In Dubai, you must be at least 18 years old to qualify for the application process and start your real estate business. This ensures that candidates have reached legal adulthood and can enter into binding contracts.

Securing a license as a young adult opens doors to lucrative opportunities early on. With youthful energy and adaptability, new brokers can navigate the dynamic property market of Dubai effectively.

Starting at 18 also allows for greater career development over time, setting the foundation for potential long-term success in the real estate industry in Dubai.

Requirement of residency period for expats to obtain their real estate license

Just as age plays a significant role in qualifying for a real estate broker’s license, so does the residential status of an applicant. Expats eyeing a career in Dubai’s lucrative real estate sector must first secure a residency visa.

This crucial document serves as your ticket to enter the world of property sales and purchases within this dynamic city. Getting your hands on a residency visa isn’t just about legally residing in Dubai; it’s also about meeting the prerequisites set by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) for licensing.

The journey to becoming an accredited real estate broker in the Dubai real estate market involves navigating through various regulations, with the residency requirement being pivotal. Xpert Advisory simplifies this path by offering expats comprehensive support, from securing their work permits to walking them through every step needed towards achieving their RERA certification.

With such tailored assistance related to the Dubai real estate industry and other related matters, expats are better positioned to fulfill all regulatory mandates and kickstart their careers as successful independent contractors or mortgage brokers amid Dubai’s cosmopolitan client base.

Process for cancelling the real estate broker’s license

To cancel a real estate broker’s license in Dubai, you must first submit a formal request to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). This step is crucial; it signals your intent to terminate your professional activities as a licensed broker.

Next, prepare to pay any required fees and settle all outstanding obligations. It’s important that you meet all financial responsibilities before moving forward with the cancellation.

Ensure that you provide evidence of compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements set forth by the DLD. This could include clearing any dues or ensuring proper closure of transactions.

Notify all clients about your decision and arrange for ongoing transactions to be transferred to another licensed broker. Then, surrender your license along with any identification cards or other documents associated with your brokerage activities to the appropriate authorities.

Carefully follow each step of this process diligently in order to prevent possible legal or financial issues arising from an incomplete cancellation procedure.


Embarking on a career in Dubai’s real estate offers endless opportunities for growth and success. With the right training and certification, you can navigate this lucrative market confidently.

Dive into the vibrant property scene by securing your real estate brokerage license aka RERA license, a necessary step to launch your journey in this booming industry. Keep up with renewals and stay ahead of market trends to amplify your potential.

Your path to becoming a top-tier real estate professional in Dubai starts here!

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