How to Register Product in Dubai Municipality | Product Registration in Dubai

Going through the process of product registration in UAE, specifically Dubai, is a very vital step for any business whose aim is to distribute their products throughout the vibrant city’s bustling marketplace. It is a standardized regulatory step which upholds the safety of consumers in addition to ensuring the Dubai market remains active with integrity. 

By abiding by the Dubai Municipality’s guidelines and other concerned authorities, businesses can acquire the required clearances to import, make, and sell their products throughout the UAE. In this article, we will explain in-detail the process of to register a product with Dubai Municipality, which is highly crucial for local as well as international businesses looking to create a strong presence in the dynamic economy of Dubai, UAE. 

Right from getting clarity about the necessary requirements and putting in the right documentation to the maintenance of compliance after the registration process, this in-depth overview on how to register product in Dubai Municipality offers all the important insights required for navigating the Dubai product registration process with ease and convenience. Let us begin navigating Dubai’s product registration process without any further delay:

How to Register Product in Dubai Municipality: Is It Mandatory to Register Your Product in Dubai, UAE?

The product registration process in Dubai ensures authenticity in terms of business and is crucial for any business which wishes to import, create, or market their offerings within the UAE. In simpler terms, product registration is mandatory in Dubai for every business. This intense procedure has been created for protecting the consumers’ safety and to avoid the distribution or sale of harmful or counterfeit products. Hence, it would be safe to say that product registration is consumer safety and its principles’ enforcement at the finest. 

As per the regulations established by the authorities, all products, irrespective of the product category they are related to, should be registered according to the laws put in place by the municipality of the respective emirate.   

Product Registration with Dubai Municipality: Why Product Registration is Crucial

The process of registering a product in Dubai is very important. The product registration process ensures the  protection of the health, safety, as well as the hygiene of the entire population by making sure that every product meets the required standards before it reaches the consumers. Product registration also ensures that the product has all the necessary things or features which make it viable to use.

When registering any product of your company with Dubai Municipality, the government has the authority to monitor as well as provide confirmation that both the manufacturer and importers are compliant with the safety standards established for consumers. 

The process of registration also ensures that all the necessary information on its label is evident. This facilitates consumers to make informed purchase decisions. 

Dubai’s Regulatory Bodies

The main authority which oversees product registration in the popular city is the Dubai Municipality. This authoritative body shoulders the responsibility of controlling the entrance of products in the UAE market, thereby ensuring that they abide by all the required standards. Moreover, other municipalities of the UAE besides Dubai Municipality conduct specific tests as well as quality checks and inspections to uphold the safety of consumers. 

After a product’s successful registration, the applicant receives a product registration certificate is issued. This piece of document may be mandatory during the clearance process of the products at customs. It is essential for you as a business setup owner to register your company products within the same municipality which issued their trade license. After being registered in Dubai, the business is authorized to sell their products throughout the UAE’s market. 

Different Types of Products Which Require Registration

A wide range of products must possess the registration certificate before they are sold or distributed in Dubai’s market. If the products sold in the country do not possess a registration certificate, they will be deemed illegal. The list of products includes food items, beauty or cosmetic products, personal care items, and medicinal products. 

Companies, irrespective of whether they are local manufacturers or major importers of international products, must make sure that each of their products are safe and properly registered with Dubai Municipality before entering the market. 

The process of registering products is the same in all the seven emirates, which are namely: 

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Ajman
  • Sharjah
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Umm Al Quwain
  • Fujairah

Even the minutest variation in a product or a brand, in terms of the size, package, quantity, or even quality, requires an entirely separate registration. Companies with a valid license, whether they are operating on the UAE’s mainlands or in the free zones, must register their products.

The process of registering a product in Dubai involves the following steps:

  • Putting in an Application for Product Registration Service in Dubai. 
  • Paying the required fee and charges.
  • Giving a rational label assessment for every product.

The validity of the registration, which for the record, can be completed using the official website of the Dubai Municipality, is five years. 

Specific products are prohibited or banned in the United Arab Emirates, including harmful drugs, betel leaves, products manufactured in Israel, culturally or religiously offensive products like vapes or e-cigarettes, and items used for gambling. Others have a highly restrictive status. Examples of such products include beverages containing alcohol, rough diamonds, items concerning nuclear energy, and items related to media. 

It is imperative for every business to be aware of every established regulation related to product registration process to ensure compliance as well as smooth operations within the happening market of Dubai.  

The Primary Requirements for Pre-Registration

A legitimate trade license from the respective emirate of Dubai or wherever the business operates is highly crucial to begin the process of registration. This specific necessity is applicable to every company, irrespective of their location, i.e., whether they are located in the mainland or free zones. 

Documents Needed for Registration

The preparation of a comprehensive collection containing specific documents is essential for the registration of products with Dubai Municipality. The set of documents include a fully filled-up products registration service application form along with a label assessment which promotes transparency and awareness amongst consumers. The Dubai Municipality’s virtual portal is where individuals need to submit a product information as well as all related procured documents. After the submission is complete, the Municipality assesses the provided information to check whether it is compliant with the local standards. In case if issues arise during the review process, applicants must address the discrepancies by giving the suitable documentation. 

Standards for Safety & Compliance

The Municipality of Dubai performs frequent tests and inspections to consistently maintain the levels of safety as well as compliance. Such measures ensure that only those products into the UAE are let in which satisfy the local standards and are  safe for the consumers. 

Guidelines for Labeling Products

Precise labeling of products is very important, since it communicates vital information to the consumers, including details such as the instructions for usage and safety & security warnings. The authoritative body makes it mandatory for labels to contain useful information to facilitate consumers in making the right decisions. 

The labeling of the products manufactured by the local makers must be approved by The Consumer Products Safety Section Every variant of a product must go through the process of registration to make sure that every version complies with the guidelines set by the Dubai government as well as the rules set by Dubai Municipality. 

The Process of Registration

Choosing the Preferred Business Activity

Recognizing your product’s category is the first step in the process of registration. This categorization is immensely important because it determines the guidelines the product needs to abide by. 

Registering the Business with Dubai Municipality

The next step is to register the products with the Dubai Municipality. For any business which is involved in the process of producing or importing items, registering the products with the Municipality of Dubai is a must-follow step, since the Dubai Municipality evaluates whether the products are fit to be sold in the market. This makes sure that the operations of the business goes along with the regulatory necessities of the Emirates. 

Submitting Documents Containing Product Information to Dubai Municipality

You must offer a well-detailed dossier including the Application for Products Registration Service along with the payment of the registration fees. Paying the registration fees is a compulsory step, which is why companies should add the expense to their budgets. Every variant of the product to be registered needs to be separately registered. Each submission can be navigated through and completed on the official web-based portal of the Municipality of Dubai.  

Receiving the Certificate of Registration

After the submissions have been successfully reviewed, you will get an electronic registration certificate which signifies the adherence of registering your product to the standards established by the emirate. 

The certificate of registration is valid for five years. In the cases where the Municipality of Dubai has certain reservations, a company may be required to register their products by presenting certain additional documents to fix any remaining issues. 

Obligations After the Completion of the Registration Process

Extensions & Revisions

Managing the status of your registration includes the renewal of the Certificates of Product Registration with Dubai Municipality as per the regulations of the Dubai Municipality. Renewing your product registration certificate is very important since the registration process ensures each of your products are compliant with the ever-changing standards and regulations. 

Another important thing to rememeber when going through the process of product registration with the Dubai Municipality is that any changes to the composition of a product or its production needs to be immediately reported to the concerned authorities. This may require the submission of updated documents and possibly more lab testing sessions to authenticate the adherence to the latest standards. 

Surveillance & Compliance

The Municipality of Dubai performs strict checks to make sure that the quality of products remain top-notch. The products which mostly undergo such checks to ensure that they are free of harmful ingredients or substances include cosmetic items and food products. 

Following certain schemes, including the likes of “ECAS” (for cosmetics and fragrances), and FIRS (for food items) is absolutely necessary for specific products. 

When it comes to pharmaceutical items and medical-related devices, acquiring additional licensing is necessary from UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention. Constant monitoring of every product is essential to make sure that they meet all the mandatory criteria. 

Liability for Products and Recall Procedures

The two departments which hold the responsibility for addressing complaints put in by consumers and enforcing the laws established for consumer protection are The Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection and The Consumer Protection Department. 

The aforementioned laws recognize anyone as a customer who purchases a commodity or acquires a service for personal usage.  In case of a product-based liability, the Dubai Municipality mandates the consumer to show that the product or service’s supplier or maker’s ignorance or negligence resulted in a defect which inflicted harm. 

The manufacturers of products as well as the suppliers are held accountable for any issue or defect found in their products. Even if warnings are provided, they cannot completely absolve themselves from responsibility.  

In case of a breach the Department for Consumer Protection will put into motion remedies along with penalties, in addition to the possibility of appealing in front of the UAE Economy of Ministry

Set forth by the Dubai Law Number 5 of 2023, The Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection & Fair Trade holds the responsibility of ensuring fair trade practices and competition. This aids in the protection of intellectual property rights, besides preventing fully-controlled or monopolistic practices. 

The Executive Regulations to the Consumer Protection Law, a regulation which was implemented in the month of October, 2023, contain a list of responsibilities which suppliers have. It includes responsibilities related to the realm of advertisements, pricing, labeling, and most importantly, information related to the products’ warranty.

Suppliers are required to quickly send information to the authorities, make the hazard public, and start a complete recall if a specific defect in a product or hazardous product poses a grave threat to the consumers. The Executive Regulations offer a solid framework for the management of defective goods in Dubai. It includes informing customers, stopping sales of the defective or dangerous products, and providing the suitable replacements at the cost of the suppliers. 

Besides everything mentioned above, suppliers also bear the responsibility of making sure that their distributors remain compliant with the established law, which can be put into motion or enforced via reporting periodically, random checks and inspections, as well as audit rights present in the distribution agreements. 

The establishment of the corporation along with the Executive Regulations’ introduction are proof of a maximized focus on continually enforcing laws for consumer protection in Dubai. This underscores the vitality of the post-registration responsibilities for business entities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

Q) What is the fee for registering beauty-related products in the Venice of the Gulf?

A) The fee set by the government for officially registering a cosmetic item is AED 230. Besides this, an application fee charge of AED 10 is also required. Once approved, a charge of AED 220 is required for downloading the soft copy of the certificate. All of the aforementioned costs should be made a part of your financial planning. (integrate the financial accounting blog after it is posted)

Q) What is the process for getting beauty products registered in Dubai? 

A) The registration of beauty products initially requires applying for product registration via the Montaji portal. The list of required documents include images of products, artwork, FSC or Free Sale Certificate, Report of Ingredients, and Analysis Certificate. In some cases, additional documents such as GMP, Halal Certification, and Organic Certificates may also be required. 

Some cases may also require submitting a product sample. In special cases, submission of two samples of the product for analysis in the laboratory is required. Labeling of the products which need to be registered must necessarily contain detailed information related to the product in both the Arabic as well as the English language. 

The period of review as per the Dubai Municipality stands at approximately 22 business or working days. After the approval is acquired, the product gets registered and a certificate with 5-year validity issued to the applicant. 

Q) Which products require being registered in Dubai? 

A) Cosmetic items, beauty products, personal care articles, health supplement products, and dietary supplements are examples of certain products which require registration. The products’ point of origination must be registered facility. Moreover, they should also come with a Free Sale Certificate. In certain cases, approval from authorities is mandatory. For instance, in the case of dietary supplements, an approval from MOHAP is mandatory. 

Frequent checks and random quality inspections are often conducted by the concerned authorities to guarantee market safety. The list of prohibited or banned items include hard narcotic-based drugs, betel leaves, Israel-manufactured goods, among others. Certain restricted products, such as beverages containing alcohol and rough diamonds are barred by additional controls.

To avoid any legal issues, business entities must make sure that each of their products are registered before they are imported.   


Navigating through the product registration landscape of Dubai can be a gruesome and complex task. However, it is very important for the lawful and successful operations of your business entity. It is a procedure which demands high attention-to-detail and an in-depth comprehension of the local regulations and environment. Registration audthenticates that valid products are being sold within the Dubai region. 

By making sure that each of your business’ products is properly registered, labeled, and most importantly, compliant with all of the regulatory standards set by the Dubai Municipality, your business achieves the chance to establish its undeterred commitment to the quality of products, the safety and assurance it offers consumers, and the trust it establishes. 

Stay informed of all the changes in the laws and regulations to maintain being compliant and use the true potential of the dynamic market which Dubai provides or offers. 

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