What is Unified Number in Dubai, UAE? | Everything You Need to Know About Unified Number in the UAE

Wondering what is Unified Number in Dubai, UAE? The Unified Number or UID is an important number which is used for the identification of individuals when they are in the United Arab Emirates. Every person who visits or resides in the UAE is allotted a unique UAE number for identification. This number is a unique entity and is utilized for things related to the region’s government. 

Individuals require this number when applying for their UAE residency visa. Moreover, they also need it to get their hands on their Emirates ID card. The government came up with the idea of the UID to ensure the process of UAE immigration becomes easier. 

Whether you have resided in the United Arab Emirates for a long time, or have just arrived, knowing and understanding what the UID number UAE is, is very important for navigating around and living in the nation.

In this comprehensive blog, we will cover everything you need to know related to the UAE Unified Number or UID. We will dive deep into what it is, how it functions, why it is very helpful, and most importantly, how to obtain a unified number and use it, thereby ensuring you know everything you need to know about the unified number.

What is Unified Number in Dubai, UAE | Understanding Unified Number UAE and Its Essence

A Unified Number or UID in the UAE refers to a number consisting of 9 to 15 digits, which gets automatically created when an individual gets their residence visa. The UID number in the UAE is a unique number which is very vital because it recognizes an individual as the holder of a visa and is unique. 

The GDRFA or the General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs, as well as the ICP or Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship, provide UID numbers. The mentioned authorities manage the allotment of residency permits, Emirates ID application, as well as other major documents, which is important for staying in the UAE. 

Every person in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other part of the UAE, has their own unique UID number which is linked to their official visa as well as passport. This unique number remains the same, irrespective of what happens to an individual’s visa status whale they are present in the country. 

Unified Number on UAE Resident Visa

Many expats might need to realize that their official resident visa, which is one of the many types of visa which allows them to move to the UAE and which is a legitimate proof that they are a resident of the UAE, is filled with a variety of numbers as well as codes. One of the numbers is the UID or the Unified Identity Number. The UID number on your visa, if you have one, is found on the top-left corner. 

Finding the UAE Unified Identity Number Online

If you wish to find your UID number online after the UID number is issued quickly and efficiently, all you need to do is follow the given steps:

Step 1: Visit the given link: https://gdrfad.gov.ae/en/unified-number-inquiry-service

Step 2: After visiting the unified number inquiry service portal, follow all the instructions on the screen and enter the UAE related details required, such as the passport number, nationality, DoB, gender, etc.

Step 3: Give the correct answer to the math question after solving it to move one step closer to finding the unified number UAE.

Step 4: Click on the option labeled “Submit” to obtain the UID online. After finding it online, you can use it for numerous purposes.

Getting a Unified Number in UAE, Dubai

If an individual has not received UID number yet or is unable to obtain the UID number in UAE, using GDRFA’s online portal they can get in touch directly for assistance. They may need to provide certain documents as well. In case the cannot find the number that is assigned to them, they can connect via phone by utilizing the given numbers: 

  • 8005111 (toll-free within the UAE)
  • +971 4 313 9999 (International phone number)

Besides connecting via call, individuals can also fill up the contact form featured on GDRFA’s official portal for direct inquiries related to the unified identification number. Individuals who require furthermore assistance related to the UID number in Dubai can also visit GDRFA’s official headquarters located in Dubai’s Al Jafiliya. To learn more about the Unified number in the UAE, visit here

The Importance of UID

The UID Number of UAE increases security by complicating the avenues for identity fraud as well as crime. Therefore, understanding the unified number system is essential in multiple ways. The UID number is a unique identification number which is important in the following ways:

  • It increases efficiency by streamlining processes related to the access to government services in the UAE as well as businesses.
  • It guarantees accuracy of data and updates. 
  • It promotes better business-based customer service by making verification of identity very simple and efficiently tracking the interactions between customers.

Consolidation of UID Numbers

It is actually possible to obtain more than one UID number because of systematic errors. Needless to say, it can affect the residence visa issuance of individuals. When this happens, it might cause problems with the person’s immigration records, which is why it is highly essential to address the issue properly. 

The relevant immigration authoritative body, which is the GDRFA in this case, can merge multiple UID numbers into one document for avoiding complications related to immigration. Here is a look at all the steps e should follow to combine or merge your UID numbers:

Step 1: Visit the UAE’s immigration office. 

Step 2: Bring all the required documents, including the passport, copies of entry visa, etc. 

Step 3: If an individual has old, expired, as well as visas which have been canceled, it is highly advised that they bring them along, since they might be required at the service center of immigration for reference 

Benefits of Having a Unified Number or UID Number

Similar to the other numbers present on the page of  UAE visas, the UID or unified number in the UAE is important for individuals residing in the country for:

  • Applying for a visa, i.e., the UAE resident visa in particular.
  • Applying for the Emirates ID card.
  • Identification of the individuals present within the system of immigration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can an individual possess more than one unified number in UAE, Dubai?

A) In general, no, a person cannot have more than one number. However, more than one UID may get assigned to an individual because of technical errors. If this happens, the individual should reach out to the official immigration authorities for merging them.

Q) Who is responsible for the issuance of UID Numbers?

A) The GDRFA located in Al Jafiliya, Dubai, is the authoritative body responsible for UID numbers. This is the body responsible for information regarding the unified number and its issuance. 

Q) Are UID and UAE Visa Number the same thing?

A) No, the Unified Number is very different from the visa number. Visa number will change with the status of an individual’s visa. On the other hand, the UID number does not change with time in the UAE, i.e., it stays constant.

Q) What are the primary advantages of UID?

A) It is important to know your unified number is used for multiple purposes, including applying for a new residential visa or Emirates ID card, as well as supporting an individual’s identity in the immigration of UAE.

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