New Long Term Residency Visa Rules: UAE

The UAE has approved new executive regulations related to Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners. These regulations will help to simplify the process of obtaining a residency permit and visa. The new entry and residence rules announced by the Emirati Cabinet offer 10 different types of visas with simplified requirements.

These rules are designed to help retain and attract talent from around the world, make the job market more competitive and flexible, and create a sense of stability for residents of the nation. The new rules were also laid out by the government of the United Arab Emirates, which has seven sheikhdoms, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in a Twitter post, check below:

The new Entry and Residence Scheme offers 10 types of entry visas with simplified requirements and more benefits. New visas require no host or sponsor, offer more flexibility, multi entry, 60 days validity and one unified platform to apply at

The new rules will offer ten types of entry visa with more benefits and easier to meet requirements. The new visas do not require a sponsor or host. There are a number of different types of visas that the UAE is currently offering visitors. These include tourist visas, business visas, and student visas.

Golden Residence

The long-term 10-year residence visa is provided to talented people, investors, outstanding students and graduates, entrepreneurs, humanitarian pioneers, scientists and professionals, and frontline heroes. The amendment to the scheme allows Golden Residence visa holders to sponsor their family members, regardless of their age. They can sponsor unlimited number of domestic workers without any limit. There are no restrictions on the length of time you can stay outside the UAE to maintain your visa validity.

Golden Residence for Exceptional Talents

This visa is only granted to talented individuals in important fields, such as sports, art, digital technology, culture, even if their education or professional level is not typical for that field. This residence may require a government recommendation in order to be approved.

Golden Residence for Scientists

The residence is reserved for scientists and researchers who have a doctorate or master’s degree in life sciences, natural sciences, engineering, technology, or a related field from one of the world’s best universities. The candidates should have a record of significant research accomplishments. Visas are granted on the recommendation of the Emirates Council of Scientists.

Golden Residence for Real Estate Investors

If you are looking to invest in real estate, you may be able to purchase a Golden Residence by purchasing a property that is worth at least AED2 million. This prestigious designation is given to properties that have been deemed to be of excellent quality and meet certain standards. The new amendments to the scheme allow investors to purchase a property with a loan from one of the local banks. If they do this, they can qualify for the Golden Residence.

Golden Residence for Entrepreneurs

Obtaining approval from the Ministry of Economy, competent local authorities, or an official business incubator is all you need to obtain your Golden Residence. Entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the UAE should partner or own a startup registered in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) category. The company must generate annual revenues of at least AED1 million.

Golden Residence for Outstanding Students and Graduates

The visa is awarded to students who perform well in secondary school in the UAE, as well as graduates from universities in the country or the top 100 universities worldwide. There are specific requirements for being admitted to a university. These requirements vary depending on the student’s academic performance, the university’s classification, and the date of graduation.

New Residence Types with Unparalleled Benefits:

Offerings include a new 5-year residence track, perks for family members, and extended, flexible grace periods.

Green Residence for Skilled Employees

If they have a legitimate employment contract, employees who do not have a sponsor or employer may be eligible for a 5-year residency. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, qualified individuals should be categorized in the third, second, or first occupational level.

Green Residence for Free-lancing & Self Employment

If a person has a freelance/self-employment permit, the modifications now allow them to apply for a 5-year residency track even without a sponsor or employer.

Along with adjustments to visa entrance regulations, the nation has also published new guidelines for Green Residence for Investors or Partners.

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