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Accounting & Book-Keeping


Set your accounts

We offer Accounting & bookkeeping services to help businesses focus on their operations. We ensure that Operational and end-of-year financial accounts and statements are maintained.

Our services include keeping accurate, up-to-date, detailed records of financial transactions and booking them in a formalized manner, assisting with the annual auditing requirements, reporting, and preparing end-of-year statements like balance sheets, profit, and loss statements, and fixed assets and depreciation reports.


Accounts Setup Structure

  • Monthly Financial and end-of-year statements
  • Monthly bank reconciliation statements
  • Report on Receivables & payables of the organisation
  • Product and Department-wise purchases
  • Chronological invoicing in accounting softwares
  • Recording all receipts & payments at the time of instance

Open your Bank Account

After setting up a company in the UAE we assist in applying for both personal and corporate Bank Account openings as a UAE Resident

  • Follow-up of Bank Account opening
  • Introduction to your official Relationship Manager
  • Scheduling the meeting with Relationship Officer of a chosen bank
  • Full assistance during UAE Bank Account opening application and interview
  • Coordination with Relationship Officer before account opening application meeting
  • Assessment of individual/corporate background
  • Preparation of required documents with a Corporate Bank Account Opening

We help you manage your corporate financial obligations and requirements to run a successful business. Our bookkeeping and accounting services include:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Access to Expert Knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Timely reporting

Accounting Services

Management Report

Manage your corporate finance with us 

Sales & Purchases

Maintain Journals And Category wise purchase

Reports on current period sales projected sales. Customer, area, agent, department, product, and branch-specific sales. Product, department, branch, vendor, and area-specific purchases, and maintenance of purchase register.


Narration and quantity invoicing

Accurate & chronological invoicing in accounting software with all details, including date & purpose of the invoice, description/narration on each invoice, Quantity of products/services, Bank details of the supplier etc.

Receivables & Payables

Records & summary of all receivables and payables

Recording all receipts & payments at the time of instance, both due & overdue, list of outstanding bills with proper regulation of each receipt & payment. Summary of overdue receivables/payables (partly due & fully due).

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