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Thinking of starting a business in Dubai because the economic performance of Dubai is at an all time high? Choosing the right trade name is your first big step. A unique trade name protects your brand and aligns with the UAE’s strict registration rules. This article outlines the essentials of securing your business identity through Dubai’s trade name registration process, making it easy to get started quickly.

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Importance of Trade Name Registration Dubai

Having a registered trade name or company name in Dubai mainland is a big deal. The trade name is an official recognition entity in the business world. When you pick out and lock down your trade name, it becomes the face of your company.

People start to recognize who you are just by hearing that name. This isn’t just about getting attention; it’s also a legal thing. Your trade name guards against mix-ups with other businesses and protects your brand. In simpler words, legal names are not considered suspicion-worthy or such names are not considered part of suspicious entities by the masses. 

Think about walking into a store or looking online; the first thing you see is the brand or company name, right? Well, that’s how important a trade name is—it’s what customers remember. This is also why official trade names should be written or mentioned in the official store or e-store. In Dubai, business name registration means no one else can use it but you.

That keeps things clear for everyone—customers know they’re dealing with your genuine goods or services and not some knock-off pretending to be you. Plus, having an official trade name paves the way for more steps like getting licenses and permits to actually run your business legally in Dubai. Once the official trade name

Procedure for Trade Name Registration Dubai

Navigating the procedure for trade name registration in Dubai begins with understanding the local regulations, a critical step to ensure your business identity is tailored and protected within this bustling commercial hub.

Engaging in this process involves several key steps that are essential to successfully establish and safeguard your brand’s presence in one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

Selection of Name Based on Rules and Regulations

Picking a trade name in Dubai is the first step to make your business known. But, you have to follow certain rules. Firstly, you have to ensure that the name is valid. The Department of Economic Development (DED) says no to names that upset public morals or break rules.

This means the registered company name can’t have terms linked to religion, politics or offensive language. Your chosen company name should not look like any government agency’s name either.

Search trade names depending on your business category. Your business type guides what your trade name should be about. For example, if your work deals with computers, it is smart to pick a name that talks about tech stuff.

Make sure your trade name reflects what kind of goods you sell or services you offer. On doing so, the business name will be automatically synonymous with your offerings. Take your time and go through many trade names before locking in on one. If you have finalized the name but your preferred name cannot be registered, there must be an issue with it. In such cases, it would be best to look for another name, perhaps a shorter or lengthier name resembling in meaning to the rejected one. 

Checking Trade Name Availability

The name registration with the Economic Department is a very important step. Before you can register a trade name in Dubai, review the name to make sure no one else within a similar trade has it, since most people tend to register a trade name for their new business a long time before actually starting with the setup procedures. You need to leverage a trading name that stands out and follows the rules. 

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) will not say yes to a name if it’s already a trading name for another corporation or if it does not respect public order and morality, i.e., if a slang or offensive term is considered part of a name. If the trade name does not meet the guidelines set by the DED, the government body has the right to cancel the name. 

To find out if your chosen name is free or not issued to a company, use DED’s online service or ask for help from business setup consultants.

Once you know the legal name is available, move quickly to claim it for your business. This means filling out forms and getting ready for the next step: reserving your business name with DED. There are different kinds of trade names you can choose from, so do proper research and choose properly. Moreover, if you are not sure of a brand name, don’t reserve the name beforehand. 

Reservation of Business Name

After you choose a company name or trade name for your business, you need to ensure that the trade name cannot be used by anyone else. You do this by reserving the trade name with DED in UAE, which is the name of the division that manages all such affairs. 

After you have reserved the trade name with the Economic Development Department, they will check if the official name follows their rules and that no other company has it. In simpler words, they check the name after its selection and state the availability of the name. Once they give the thumbs up for the name for your company, they will make the reservation of the trade name by holding it just for you.

Reserving a name also has some prerequisites. You pay a fee to reserve your trade name with the Economic Department for your company. The trade name reservation fees must be paid for blocking the name. For local names in Dubai, the cost is AED 620* and AED 2000* for foreign names. The reserved name is yours for six months. If you need a trade license and take longer to get the trade license for your company, you must renew your reservation so nobody else takes it.

Payment Procedure

Once a person reserve their trade name, they need to pay for the trade name registration fees in the UAE. Whether it is an Arabic name or an English name, after the name is registered, the trade names must be paid for. You can choose to make this payment online or by visiting a physical office. The cost is AED 620* if your trade name is local and AED 2000* for foreign names.

Make sure you pay within 72 hours after you get the payment voucher. This will keep your trade name reserved just for you in Dubai’s registry. Paying on time is important so that someone else does not take your chosen business name. If you do not make the payment on time, the authorities will cancel the name as the official reserved name of your business. 

Authorities Involved in Trade Name Registration Dubai

Navigating the intricacies of trade name registration in Dubai requires engaging with key governmental bodies. Entrepreneurs must familiarize themselves with the specific roles of these authorities to ensure a smooth and compliant registration process for their business endeavors.

Department of Economic Development (DED)

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has a big job. It handles the trade name registration for businesses. This group makes sure that each business name is different from others and follows rules about being proper and respectful.

Business names can’t be just any words; they have to match the DED’s guidelines.

They work together with the Ministry of Economy. Their goal is to keep an eye on all the trade names used by companies in Dubai. The DED also looks after things like making sure businesses follow laws, helping them grow, and protecting ideas or brands that belong to someone, like trademarks or copyrights.

Businesses must go through the DED if they want their trade name of the parent company official in Dubai.

Department in the Ministry of the Economy

In Dubai, a part of the Ministry of Economy works hard to help businesses grow. This department makes sure companies follow rules for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They support new entrepreneurs too.

Their job includes looking after imports and exports which helps UAE’s economy.

You can use their public service to find out if your business name is free. If you’re starting a company in Dubai, they will check that your trade name follows all the DED guidelines. Only then will the DED give the trade name approval. 

This department helps keep trade names unique to protect intellectual property rights.


Starting your own business in Dubai is exciting. You need to be responsible for the registration and register the trade name before beginning, i.e., the name must be registered before you start other procedures. Remember, a unique name helps your brand stand out. Make sure to follow the rules, not go for misleading trade names, and pay the fees on time.

With these steps, you’re on track to make your business dream real!


1. What is trade name registration in Dubai?

Trade name registration in Dubai means picking a unique name for your business and making sure it’s officially yours to use for commercial activity.

2. Why do I need to register a trade name in the UAE?

If you want to start an LLC or another type of privately-owned business in any emirate like Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, you must register your trade name as part of the setup process.

3. Can I use my web browser for trade name registration Dubai?

Yes! You can use browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari to go online and register your trade name from anywhere within the UAE’s knowledge-based system.

4. How much does it cost to register a trade name in Dubai?

The fees for registering a trade name vary depending on what kind of business you’re starting and whether it’s local like an LLC or something bigger like a franchise.

5. Do I need help with trademark registration when I have a trade name?

It’s wise to think about consulting someone who knows about trademark registration too; this helps protect your brand beyond just having a registered trade business.

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* – Fees and Costs Mentioned are for Reference Only.

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