Get A Metaverse Service License In Dubai

The metaverse will become a common tool in many industries, creating a large economic opportunity. This could be worth more than $1 trillion per year. This new technology will provide businesses with a valuable opportunity that surpasses anything else in the history of the internet.

Do you want to explore the potential of the metaverse for your business? But you’re not sure if it’s really necessary or if it has any real value? As the demand for virtual solutions to common problems grows, so does interest in the metaverse – a shared virtual world where users can interact, play, explore, and socialize in the same way they do in real life.

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy plans to boost the metaverse sector’s contribution to Dubai’s economy to $4 billion by 2030, and its GDP contribution to 1%. The Metaverse concept has already gained momentum in the UAE and several companies are looking to bring it to life through social media. The UAE also has ambitions to become a major player in the virtual world and is working to create a regulatory framework for the industry.

What is Metaverse?

The metaverse is an online environment that integrates numerous virtual spaces. It is similar to the internet in the future. It integrates the physical and virtual worlds to suit all business requirements. Some properties of the metaverse can already be seen in current virtual video games, social networking sites such as Facebook, and online retail sites such as Ralph Lauren and H&M, among others.

 When it comes to business leverage, Metaverse, especially Metaverse services in Dubai, is a game-changer as it provides firms with better-operating environments through which they can generate more revenue. In addition, regardless of the nature, size, or type of business, it has the potential to completely change the world of business and the way it operates.

Benefits in the World of Metaverse

  • Innovative ways to interact with customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to find and buy your products.
  • Use new types of advertising to get your message across.
  • Process development and effective team communication.
  • With electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies, transactions are easier and faster.

Get Started with Metaverse Business in Dubai?

  1. Create a 3D space that can be used on various metaverse platforms.
  2. Create your own online space where you can offer your customers a personal experience. With Obsess, you can make your store fully integrated with online shopping, enabling customers to buy real items and digital assets
  3. Choose which metaverse platforms have the largest potential audience for your brand
  4. Prepare your virtual store by developing and converting for such platforms
  5. Register Metaverse License

Once you have decided how and when to do business in Dubai, and have determined the cost of starting a Metaverse license and business in Dubai, the next step is to secure your Metaverse license in Dubai. A trustworthy business setup company, like Xpert Advisory, can help simplify the entire process, from early planning to eventual launch.

How can Xpert Advisory help you set up your Metaverse Business in the UAE?

Setting up a Metaverse could present many new challenges and opportunities, such as how to start a Metaverse business in Dubai and how to function. Xpert Advisory is a prominent business setup consultant in Dubai. We provide total 360-degree assistance in Dubai company registration, including help with finding the right company structure, registering with the government, and marketing your business. 

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