What is Freelance Permit in Dubai? | Becoming a Freelancer with Dubai Freelance Permit & Freelance License in 2024

If you aspire to be a freelancer in Dubai and aim to work in the Venice of the Gulf, getting hold of a freelancer permit is a very important step. 

In this comprehensive blog, we will answer the question of what is freelance permit in Dubai and navigate the procedure of obtaining a freelancing permit in UAE. Let us jump right into it:

What is Freelance Permit in Dubai, UAE: An In-Depth Look

Before we go further into specific details, let us take a moment to comprehend why getting a freelance license in UAE is important when living and working in the UAE. Also referred to as a freelance permit, it facilitates individuals to work and achieve the “self-employed” status by becoming a freelancer or working as a freelancer, i.e., without needing to be tied to a specific company or organization for a long time.  

The DDA (Dubai Development Authority) and Dubai South offers professionals, who do not wish to do freelance work independently, the option to apply for a freelance permit and obtain a freelance permit without hassle. With the help of a freelance license or work permit, independently-working professionals can conveniently practice their desired trade by utilizing their birth name as opposed to a brand identity.

Generally, freelance permits are issued for the given industries and business sectors:

  • Media Industry
  • Consultancy Sector
  • IT Services 

Getting your freelance permits or the issuance of freelance permits generally depends on the chosen free zone’s authorities as well as the overall professional experience an individual has.

Moreover, the free zone also requires applicants to possess work experience as well as a diploma in their respective field. In the case of freelance licenses or permits, the concerned individual is only allowed to possess a single, individual bank account. 

A freelance permit’s validity is for 1 year and it has to be renewed every year.

Advantages of Getting a Freelance License in UAE

Becoming a full-fledged freelancing professional in the United Arab Emirates undoubtedly offers you the chance to craft your professional experience as per your terms. Besides this, it also comes with numerous other benefits. Here is a look at some of them:

  • Flexibility to work in terms of schedules & timings.
  • Easy access to top-tier media & entertainment organizations.
  • Accessibility to multiple training & talent programmes.
  • Option to work in the country without the requirement of being physically present.
  • Minimal setup costs. 

Another major benefit of transitioning to freelancer in the UAE is that you have the option to obtain the freelance permit while being employed. However, you will need to get hold of an NOC from the organization you are employed at to conduct freelancing activities. Although acquiring the NOC might be a complicated task, the steps after the acquisition are pretty simple. 

Essential Steps in Receiving Your Freelance Permit in Dubai, UAE

Choosing the Desired Jurisdiction

ndividuals residing in Dubai who wish to incorporate a company as a Dubai freelancer need to opt for a specific jurisdiction which permits the specific activities they aim to create their business around. 

It is crucial for any aspiring freelancer to conduct proper research regarding which jurisdiction they wish to choose, especially after checking if the desired activity is permitted in the potential zone. 

Submitting a Freelance License Application Along With the Required Documents

A freelance license application form must mandatorily be collected by the candidate from the chosen jurisdiction’s authoritative body. The application form must be put in along with a specific plan of business, and the following documents: 

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residency visa as a visa holder
  • Emirates ID (if needed)
  • Photographs
  • Letter of Experience
  • Educational Certificates

Besides this, the individual must also submit a good standing certificate issued from their bank stating that the individual has a well-maintained, satisfactory account, as well as an NOC (if needed). 

Once the submitted application is approved, the candidate must make the fee payment to receive their freelance license or permit. The entire process of obtaining your freelance permit takes one to two weeks. Complete the process and ensure that you have followed all the instructions properly. 

Freelancer License in Dubai Cost and Validity

The price of a UAE freelance license varies based on the region an individual chooses to get a permit in. The freelancer visa, which for the record includes insurance as well as immigration card, has a validity of 2 years. Individuals having the permit can renew it after the initial 2 years get over.

Freelance License: Permitted Activities

Irrespective of the freelance business model a freelancer follows, freelance permit holders are allowed to engage in freelance activities like the ones given below:

  • Offer private people services.
  • Offer services to companies and organizations.
  • Create invoices & receive payments.
  • Collaborate or work closely with UAE government agencies.

Free Zones Offering Freelance Permits in Dubai in 2024

Here are some free zones which offer permits to Dubai freelancers:

  • Dubai South
  • DDA
  • Main Land Abu Dhabi

Final Thoughts

To conclude, getting hold of a freelance permit in the United Arab Emirates, especially in vibrant parts of the country like Dubai, is a major step for professionals who wish to seek independent work-related opportunities. Acquiring this license allows self-employment and sheds light on the government’s sheer commitment and dedication to fostering a highly-supportive environment for freelancers in Dubai. 

With massive benefits like flexible working routines to minimal setup costs, the freelance business license provides a way following which dedicated professionals outside the UAE can craft their careers as per their own terms and ideologies within the UAE and its landscape of business that is exceptionally thriving. If you too wish to work on your own terms as a freelancer in Dubai, getting hold of the freelancer permit or freelance license is the way to go ahead. If you are looking for a more permanent option, consider getting a freelance visa in Dubai. 

This blog is intended for informational purposes only. The content is provided “as is” and we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding its accuracy, completeness, or suitability. Any reliance on the information is at your own risk. We are not liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of this blog.

* – Fees and Costs Mentioned are for Reference Only.

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